UE4 Note : Get Resource In C++

Firstly, you can right click on the resource you want and select “Copy Reference Path" in UE4 Editor. Than you should got a path like this:

After that, just delete the thing that should not include in an URL:

The last thing is using the Object Finder to get the object in C++:
#include "ConstructorHelpers.h"
StaticMesh * Mesh = ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder("/Game/Mesh/TestMesh.TestMesh").Object;

Open Mobile Suit

OpenMS, full name Open Mobile Suit, is a Open Source JSON database which recorded the statistic of Mobile Suit.

The information of the database is mainly for creating a Gundam game, and not for description. Therefore, the database will only include the “Ability" of the MS.

Most of the information collected from Gundam Wikia page, and some of them collected from GUNPLA instruction documents.

Feel free to visit GitHub Page for more information and use it 🙂

Hello World!

Hello guys, after a hard fight with my learning, I finally have time to create my own development blog.

In this blog, I am going to post any projects that I am doing, including Open Source project, fan and origin game development progress and the 3D models which built by me.

If you interested in my skills, welcome to contact me with the contact methods that mention in CONTACT page.

See you in the next post 😉